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Keynote Speeches by Wladislaw Jachtchenko | Argumentorik
Top10 Speaker German Speakers Association Deutsches Rednerlexikon WM Quarter-Finalist Top Speaker 2018

We offer your company / organization a rousing keynote speech with the Top10 speaker in Europe, Mr. Wladislaw Jachtchenko. As a keynote speaker and expert on professional communication, he will give you concise, exciting and science-based insights into exciting communication fields. So if you want to book a top speaker for your event — and place value on motivation, stage presence as well as substantive conciseness, then Mr. Jachtchenko is the ideal guest speaker for your corporate event (conference, convention, meeting, congress etc.). Booked as a speaker between San Fransisco and Moscow, Mr. Jachtchenko will give your event a special touch at your desired location.

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New food for thought and a unique stage presence are guaranteed. As one of the most successful professional speakers at European and World Debating Championships. Mr. Jachtchenko can give the keynote speech in German and in English. You are welcome to combine the topics mentioned below keand personally discuss your desired topic with the keynote speaker. The number of listeners is unlimited.

The desired topic was not included? No problem: we are happy to prepare it for you! The keynote speech should correspond exactly to your ideas. For free information call: +49 89/13 94 36 38.

Keynote Speaker for your company event

Wladislaw Jachtchenko is Top10 speaker in Europe. As a speaker throughout Europe, he gives inspiring keynote speeches. Since 2007 he has been working as a business coach for politicians, executives and employees of well-known companies such as Allianz, BMW, Pro7, Westwing, 3M and many others. His credo: The message should not only be heard, but also implemented.

Mr. Jachtchenko is also founder of the Argumentorik Academy and developer of the Argumentorik concept, which places the conclusive argument at the center of communication. He understands rhetoric as a necessity, with which one can use good arguments to attract the attention of the audience even more. More information...

More awards / memberships of Wladislaw Jachtchenko:

Top10 Speaker - Jachtchenko Speakers Excellence - Jachtchenko | Argumentorik Semi-finalist EM - Jachtchenko | Argumentorik Global Speakers Federation - Jachtchenko | Argumentorik

Keynote Speaker for TV and radio

You can book Mr. Jachtchenko also as a speaker for television and radio stations. His succinct phrasing and unique content in the field of argumentative rhetoric make your program even more interesting and varied. Mr. Jachtchenko has a lot of experience in front of the camera (e.g. as an expert in "Galileo") and in radio (e.g. as an expert in "Antenne MV") and can get precisely to the point, so that he is as well most suitable as an interview partner.

Testimonials to keynote speeches:

Kundenstimme Impulsvortrag | Argumentorik

"The keynote speeches are outstanding in content. With a lot of wit and humor Mr. Jachtchenko turns every topic into an event! Every employee can take something from the keynote for their daily work. We look forward to the next keynote."
— Georg S., CEO von Gerotron Communication GmbH

Kundenstimme Impulsvortrag | Argumentorik

"Thank you very much for your captivating speech on 'Efficiency'. With much esprit you have brought the otherwise dry topic 'efficiency' closer. Everyone could take something from the speech for their daily work. Both staff and executives liked your presentation very much! The coordination of the exact content and the timeframe was timely and smooth. Gladly again!"
— Werner B., Chairman of EW Post Postbank Telekom e.V.

Kundenstimme Impulsvortrag | Argumentorik

"Mr. Jachtchenko's speech on 'Convincing Argumentation' was an excellent infotainment for all our colleagues. He understands how to transfer knowledge combined with examples from real life — and all that with his inimitable humor. All listeners were captivated by his performance. For many of us he gave the impulse to engage even more intensively with this topic."
— Ralf T., Department Manager at Deutschen Bahn AG

BONUS: For sustainable knowledge transfer, every listener receives the online course „20 Best Communication Hacks: Influence and Persuade People” worth €79 (lifetime access).

An excerpt from the keynote speech "Best Persuasion Hacks" at Trivago in front of more than 100 people

Inspiring Keynote Speaker assures you a successful event

As a speaker, Mr. Jachtchenko attaches great importance to the fact that every listener not only finds the speech exciting from the beginning to the end, but also that they can take along something for their professional life. His motto:

"A good keynote speech is not only entertaining and motivating, but also brings the necessary positive change in the communication life of the audience."
— W. Jachtchenko

If you want to book him as a keynote speaker, then secure your desired date now! A quick call is enough: +49 89/13 94 36 38.

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Organization of a Keynote Speech:

  • Duration: 30min.-120min.
  • Location: Europe-wide
  • Appointment: your desired date
  • Number of listeners: unlimited
  • Language: English or German
  • Free preliminary conversation
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Our Keynote Speeches by Keynote Speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko:

Dark Rhetoric — Manipulation Techniques

How people can be manipulated by language (also in German)

Keynote Speech Manipulation Techniques | Argumentorik

Why and when people can be manipulated by language
Is manipulation fundamentally bad
Logical tricks and how to rebut them

Your benefit: In order to expose manipulative people, you need to know manipulation techniques. Here you will learn three categories of techniques: logical tricks, rhetorical tricks and psychological tricks.

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Charismatic Leadership

How to train charisma (also in German)

Keynote Speech Charismatic Leadership | Argumentorik

8 steps to gradually encode the Charisma-Code
Why charisma is still a myth
Preferences and beliefs of charismatic people

Your benefit: Looking at charismatic people of the history, one thing is clear: they always have the same characteristics. Get to know this charisma code in this speech.

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The Psychology of Persuasion

How to persuade people sustainably (also in German)

Keynote Speech Psychology of Persuasion | Argumentorik

Difference between rational and psychological argumentation
Why psychological arguments are effective
The six most effective persuasion techniques

Your benefit: Learn from this speech 6 psychological persuasion techniques — and above all, how to apply them in everyday practice in every context.

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Training of quick-wittedness for business and everyday life (also in German)

Keynote Speech Quick-Wittedness | Argumentorik

The 10 most effective quick-wittedness techniques
The role of body language and voice in the response
Quick-wittedness in hierarchic relationships

Your benefit: Anyone can be quick-witted: Learn the 10 most important techniques for quick-witted responses in business and everyday life. And how to control your emotions in quick-witted situations.

more information

Efficiency and Effectiveness

How to work more effectively and efficiently and have fun doing it (also in German)

Keynote Speech Efficiency and Effectiveness | Argumentorik

The 10 best methods to increase efficiency
The difference between efficiency and effectiveness
The 5 most common efficiency traps

Your benefit: Wladislaw Jachtchenko explains the 10 best efficiency and effectiveness techniques — and how your employees can use the techniques in their daily work practice.

more information

Business Storytelling

How to convince customers with good stories (also in German)

Keynote Speech Efficiency and Effectiveness | Argumentorik

Functions and necessary components of a good story
Structure of a good story and story types
Examples of successful stories from the business world

Your benefit: The rhetoric expert Wladislaw Jachtchenko explains in his entertaining speech, how a good story must be built to captivate the audience or the customers.

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Change Management in the 21st century

How to successfully anchoring change processes (also in German)

Keynote Speech Efficiency and Effectiveness | Argumentorik

8 psychological phases in every change
8 organizational phases in every change
The most common reasons why change processes fail

Your benefit: In his exciting speech Mr. Jachtchenko explains how to initiate a change management process in the company and how to persuade employees to do something completely different than before.

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Elevator Pitch

About successful storytelling in business (also in German)

Keynote Speech Elevator Pitch | Argumentorik

Why people love stories
How to tell your own success story properly
The 5 best storytelling techniques

Your benefit: Wladislaw Jachtchenko presents the most effective storytelling techniques for the perfect elevator pitch. And he tells you how to inspire customers and investors of your idea in the shortest possible time.

more information

Communication in Times of Digitalization

How our communication is changing in times of digitalization (also in German)

Kenote Speech Digitalization | Argumentorik

The impact of the digital information overload on our own content
How far one can get in the digital age with "half-truth" and "fake news"
The importance of personalization in times of mass communication

Your benefit: Wladislaw Jachtchenko explains in his speech the changing way of communication in times of digital transformation.

more information

Employee Motivation

How to consolidate and sustainably increase employee motivation (also in German)

Keynote Speech Employee Motivation | Argumentorik

About extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
About short-term and long-term motivation
About money as a motivational incentive

Your benefit: Motivation is on everyone's lips, yet many companies struggle with unmotivated employees. Why is that? Learn the 5 best motivation techniques in this speech.

more information

Conflict Management

Professional conflict resolution strategies for your company (also in German)

Keynote Speech Conflict Management | Argumentorik

Categories of conflicts
Frequent causes of conflicts
10 best conflict resolution techniques

Your Benefit: Keynote speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko explains professional conflict management: forms of conflicts, conflict resolution strategies and de-escalation rhetoric.

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Convincing Argumentation

About rational and emotional argumentation that works (also in German)

Keynote Speech Convincing Argumentation | Argumentorik

Why is it so hard to convince people
How rational and emotional arguments are built
When are rational arguments promising to use

Your benefit: For an open and effective communication, it helps enormously to know how to build and present arguments correctly. Learn in this keynote speech the basics and methods of convincing argumenation.

more information

Sussessful Negotiation

About accepted methods of successful negotiation management (also in German)

Keynote Speech Successful Negotiation | Argumentorik

The preparation as the underestimated negotiation phase
Top 10 questioning techniques for successful negotiation
The 10 nastiest negotiation tricks and what you can do about it

Your benefit: Your employees learn the most important negotiation techniques and negotiation tricks for professional success. It also gives you a new perspective on bargaining power and creative win-win solutions.

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Your individual topic

Ideas for keynote topics (also in German)

Keynote Speech Individual Topic | Argumentorik

Example topic: intercultural communication
Example topic: selling on the phone and by email
Example topic: the professional PowerPoint presentation

Your benefit: Obtain concise and science-based insights on your desired topic around communication — prepared in an exciting way. "Infotainment" guaranteed by the professional keynote speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko!

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The desired topic was not included? No problem: we are happy to prepare it for you! The keynote speech should correspond exactly to your ideas. For free information call: +49 89/13 94 36 38.

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Philosophy of the Argumentorik Academy

FAQs about our Keynote Speeches in Germany and Europe

Experienced Top Trainer | Argumentorik Can you describe the profile of the speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko?

Mr. Jachtchenko worked as a lawyer in several law firms and as a political scientist at the United Nations in New York City. Since 2007, he gives keynote speeches, trains and coaches politicians, executives and employees of well-known companies such as Allianz, BMW, Pro7, Westwing, 3M and many others. He is one of the most successful speakers in public speaking competitions in Germany and Europe and is one of the Top10 speakers in Europe. Since 2010, he has been giving inspiring keynote speeches and is one of the most sought-after speakers on topics related to rhetoric and communication. Mr. Jachtchenko is the developer of the Argumentorik concept which combines expressive rhetoric and impressive argumentation into a single unit. He is passing on his knowledge as a trainer, coach and consultant to entrepreneurs, management, salespeople and employees. He knows exactly what communicative challenges both corporate management and employees face in business and everyday life. His concise, science-based speeches help listeners to understand that their message is not only heard but also implemented! For further questions please contact keynote speaker Mr. Jachtchenko personally at wj@argumentorik.com.

Innovative Concept | Argumentorik How many people can participate in a keynote speech?

You determine the size of the audience: It can consist of 10 participants of a management committee, up to 30 listeners of a marketing team, salespeople or similar or a complete workforce of more than 500 employees attend an event. Thus, the number of participants is unlimited — we are flexible according to your wishes! Our promise: Creating a knowledge base and providing the necessary impulse for a positive change in everyday communication of all listeners.

Keynote Topics | Argumentorik Which keynote topics do you offer?

We offer you many succinct, exciting and science-based keynote speeches. Our offer ranges from "The Psychology of Persuasion" through "Conflict Management" to "Quick-Wittednes" and many more. The desired topic was not included? No problem: we gladly prepare your individual topic for you. For free information: +49 89/13 94 36 38.

Visible Success | Argumentorik Does your speaker give the speeches only in Germany?

Upon request also Europe-wide. In German and / or English.

Europe-wide | Argumentorik Are you engaging the audience to interact during the speech?

Upon request, the speaker will involve the audience. In a free preliminary conversation, we clarify exactly your ideas about the way of the speech. As an entertainer with personality and an extraordinary creativity through many years of debating experience, our keynote speaker is always able to slip into various roles on the speaker's stage in order to captivate the audience.

In English and German | Argumentorik How long does a keynote speech take?

Our experience shows that both the ability to concentrate and the willingness to interact decrease during very long keynotes. Therefore, a speech (= 1 topic) has the ideal duration of 45min. If you would like to have a longer one, it is possible, too.

Combination of Topics | Argumentorik Is it possible to combine topics?

Yes! You can combine up to 3 topics into one package. One of our most popular packages is the combination of the two keynote speeches "The Psychology of Persuasion" and "Quick-Wittedness". The individual duration and your ideas about the way of the speech will discuss together with you. Make a non-binding request for now!

 | Argumentorik Would you rather have an in-house training for you and/or your employees?

Our portfolio includes four in-house trainings for management and employees: leadership training, negotiation training, employee development and sales training. Each of the four classical trainings are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Theoretical knowledge is conveyed comprehensibly to you and your colleagues and immediately practiced in special exercises, role plays and cases tailored to your company. The in-house trainings are available Europe-wide. If desired, the language of instruction is German and/or English. Feel free to inform us of your questions and concerns regarding our in-house trainings by calling +49 89/13 94 36 38 or by email at info@argumentorik.com. We look forward to seeing you!

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