Manipulative rhetoric (workshop 9)

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Manipulative rhetoric sounds evil. So it is. This refers to the area of rhetoric that manipulates people through unfair rhetorical tricks. The goal is not to train various manipulation methods. On the contrary: This is about noticing that one is being influenced in a deceitful way. And you will learn strategies how to defend yourself against manipulations.

Manipulative rhetoric: Logical tricks

Logical tricks are techniques that disguise themselves as arguments, but in reality they have a flaw. Like the authority argument. In order to refute pseudo-arguments, one must first know them — and then clearly point out the error of the argument.

Manipulative rhetoric: Rhetorical tricks

In addition to logical tricks, there are certain rhetorical tricks with which you can impress your audience without much content behind it. Quite popular are for instance using technical terms or foreign words.

Manipulative rhetoric: Psychological tricks

The third level of manipulative rhetoric concerns the psychology of mind. This is about certain processes running in the brain that can be exploited for its purposes — such as self-worthy consideration.

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