Philosophical argumentation (workshop 24)

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Philosophy is the mother of every science. But not many have dealt with her. In this workshop you have the opportunity to get to know some of the most important philosophical currents and their basic arguments. Treated are: Utilitarianism, skepticism, pragmatism and various theories of justice. You will be amazed how much easier it will be for you to argue reasonably!

Philosophical argumentation: That's not for me!

Many people have nothing to do with philosophy. Why? Well, quite simple: The philosophers write too complicated: long sentences, foreign words, concepts, in which you have to think ... This frightens. Or you tried it with Kant or Hegel — and then gave it up again. It's not about studying the original work and reading commentary on it, but just capturing the basic ideas. Many things can also be used in everyday life.

Philosophical argumentation: Use in everyday life

Let us take a look on skepticism as an example. The basic idea is that you should not believe things immediately, but that everything new (and strictly speaking, everything old) is first suspected as incorrect. Only exploration and investigation make a dubious matter a real one. If a salesperson tells you: "We have many studies that support the effect of XYZ," many will be convinced by this statement in everyday life. But it would be correct to say at this point: "Show me an independent study!" And without having studied philosophical works, you have laid down a philosophical way of thinking that could improve — in both large and small — your life.

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