Rhetorical devices (workshop 8)

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Metaphor, climax, antithetical parallelism — rhetorical devices sound complicated. But they only enable us to make convincing and beautiful speeches. There is no good speech without rhetorical devices. But you should not overdo it so as not to make the speech too artificial. Here are some tips on "rhetorical devices".

Rhetorical devices: Tip #1

The repetition. The simplest stylistic device at all. Just repeat the thought or the wording. But beware: Too much repetition looks dull — and gives the impression that the speaker does not know much further. Therefore: Just repeat the really important points.

Rhetorical devices: Tip #2

The break. Creates structure. Gives time to think. And looks self-confident. Prevents you from rushing through his speech. And gives time to breathe.

Rhetorical devices: Tip #3

The metaphor. The brain thinks in pictures. And one does not say in vain that "a picture says more than a thousand words". This also applies to a metaphor. Instead of "insignificant dissonances" better say: "rather a storm in a glass of water". A metaphor is much more memorable for the audience than an abstract version.

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